Christine Racher: Warm welcome above fireplace at Priory Court



Thrilled to say that I now have a painting ‘Scenes of Pevensey II’ hanging in pride of place, over the fireplace, in the Tea Rooms at the Priory Court Hotel, Pevensey.

It depicts the hotel in the foreground, with four other iconic landmarks gathered  round.  Thanks to Peter & Vicky for supporting my art.

Had a day out in London last month and went to the Mall Galleries to see their Exhibition of Portrait Paintings.  A real eye opener.   My favourite painting was of Benedict Cumberbatch. A bit quirky but clearly recognisable as the actor.  Liked the style very much.

Same artist also exhibited “Hilary” of the author Hilary Mantel.

The winning exhibit for The Conversation Prize was titled ‘Ian & Lois, The White Slip’ by John Wonnacott CBE Hon. RP.   It wasn’t my favourite but I could see why it had won.  The prize awarded was £15,000.

Back home and returning to my exhibits for the Lansdowne Exhibition, I completed my acrylic painting ‘Eastbourne 1’ .  When it was dry I took the canvas to my printer at Brighton Marina and got some prints run off.

Over the next few days I applied 2 coats of matt varnish before adding some gloss varnish on the theatrical masks on the Congress Theatre.  I also made sure I took a photograph of the finished piece for my album.  The final thing to do was to insert hooks and string the canvas before handing it in by the deadline on 1st May.

Christine Racher
May Blog 2015



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