Christine Racher: Gallery 2017


ARTWORK: CHRISTINE RACHER: Scenes of Pevensey Bay I, 2014
artwork now in private ownership

Christine Racher : Gallery 2017: I was born and grew up in South-East London, where I attended schools which failed to inspire me. I never had the opportunity to have art lessons but my creative side did manage to come out in needlework classes.

I also developed an early interest in photography. My father would take me out on Sundays, often to local parks, where we would both take photos with our Yashica cameras. On returning home my father would develop our black and white roll films, with my assistance.

From leaving school at the age of 16 I went to work in a bank for a couple of years, before moving to an International Telephone Exchange near St. Pauls Cathedral. A few years later I moved to Sidcup, Kent which is on the outskirts of London. After a while I decided to work nearer home so applied for a job at the local hospital. I enjoyed working there very much with the other staff members. I was with the NHS for 23 years before taking early retirement.

Then in 2012 I moved to the South-East Coast of England, in the beautiful County of East Sussex. On reading the local Parish Pump magazine there were a couple of Art Groups listed, and I was able to join the Westham Art Group immediately in the August of that year.

Thoroughly enjoying art, I now belong to the Pevensey Bay Art Group, as well as being a member of the Society of Eastbourne Artists, and exhibit at their exhibitions.

I have continued my interest in photography over the years and think that has helped me, now that Iā€™m painting, to frame a scene.


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