Star attraction artwork sells within minutes of show opening




Congratulations to local artist, Christine Racher, who is finding that her work is sought after in the locality

Within minutes of the Pevensey Bay Art Group Exhibition opening at St. Wilfrid’s’s Hall at 10:30am today (Saturday 22 November), the star of the show, the artwork ‘Scenes of Pevensey’, sold for the asking price of £145.00.

All three of her paintings in this sequence, Scenes of Westham, East Sussex, Pevensey Bay, East Sussex and Scenes of Pevensey are now in the hands of private collectors.

Talking to Bay Life, unassuming Christine confessed to being ‘chuffed’ at the interest in her work.

Through the day, people were seen admiring the work with the red sticker, that has now found a home with an (undisclosed) owner.

The new work features Pevensey Castle, The Royal Oak & Castle Inn, Priory Court, St Nicolas Church, Court House Museum & Gaol & The Smugglers in what has become her signature ‘picaresque style’. Buildings and local features appear to dance in a kind of harmonious cacophony in storybook settings.

Postcards in packs of 10, produced by a specialist company in London, are already on sale and limited edition prints of some of the artworks may also be in the pipeline.

Two people, admiring her work this afternoon, explained that if limited editions prints of ‘Scenes of Pevensey’ were to become available, that they would like to be given the opportunity to own copies of the print.

More information about the artist, who is making a name for herself, will be available soon.

A new platform dedicated to the work of Christine Racher, and sister Val, comes online on December 6. An email subscription newsletter will keep people informed of latest work on a monthly basis.

Scenes of Pevensey
Christine Racher

Medium: Acrylic on paper
Size: 44 3/4 ” x 40 3/4″ (111cm x 103.5cm) includes frame
Price: £145.00 SOLD
Buildings: Pevensey Castle, The Royal Oak & Castle Inn, Priory Court, St Nicolas Church, Court House Museum & Gaol & The Smugglers.
Exhibition: Pevensey Bay Art Group
Saturday 22 November 2014, 10:30am—3:30pm


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